New Horizon Educational Institution, has set an example by donating ₹ 5 CRORE to PM CARES FUNDS for the victims of COVID-19

New Horizon Educational Institution, has set an example by donating ₹ 5 CRORE to PM CARES FUNDS for the victims of COVID-19


AICTE sponsored International conference of Innovative Research in Engineering, Management and Sciences (ICIREMS- 2019) in association with VTU and co-sponsored by Capgemini from 19-21st December 2019 at The New Horizon College of Engineering

Head of India Operations, India, ANZ, New Zealand of india The inaugural ceremony started at 10.30 am by invocation song by students. The dignitaries MR. CARL BROADBRIDGEHead of India Operations, India, ANZ, New Zealand, MS. NOEMI GILL, Co-founder, Progen, Spain, MR. BIPIN BANDHU MALHAN Site Head/Sr. Director, Invecas Tech, PROF. SANTONI FABIO, Associate Professor, University of Rome, Italy and PROF. DUŠAN RADOSAVLJEVIĆ Head, Committee for Space Programme Development, Republic of Serbia, Mr.PrabhakarSitaramPuranik, President – Global Products Business, along with the chief guest Prof. A S Deshpande Registrar, VTU Belagavi were introduced and welcomed by Dr.Prashanth CSR Dean-Academics.Dr.RajalakshmiHoD- CSE spoke about the participants and gave a gist of the program schedule.

Dr. K Gopalakrishnan Dean R&D highlighted the achievements of the students at various competitions held both nationally and internationally. He spoke about the importance of conferences and seminars and cross fertilisation of thoughts can be achieved. He also spoke about the advantages of interdisciplinary learning and scope of research.

Dr. Manjunatha-Principal NHCE spoke about students’ learnability and how industry academia gap can be overcome by participating and learning from seminars and conferences. Inter disciplinary learning needs to be implemented through problem solving methods inexaminations.

The chief guest for the inaugural ceremony Prof. Deshpande spoke about VTU’s achievements in the area of education. He believes research can be achieved through refinement of what we think on a daily basis. Research papers can be a discovery of a topic, revision of thoughts and refinement of processes. He motivated students to think innovative. He emphasized that young minds are engines for innovation and so a teacher’s role is not confined to just teaching but a teacher needs to also encourage research and be a great administrator.

At 12 noon, the key note speaker Mr. Carl Broad bridge Head of India Operations, India, ANZ, New Zealand spoke about lifelong learning attributes. Technology being disruptive and dynamic, it is very important for a student to adapt, be agile and learn flexibility. The role of leaders is to strategize and plan the targets in such a way that the delivery happens in time and the knowledge workers are happy. ANZ believes in recruiting people with ability to adapt to any culture and acquire new skills to grow in this volatile world.

The next keynote speaker Ms. Noemi Gill, Co-founder, Progen, Spain emphasized on multidisciplinary approach to understand and manage businesses. Genetic Sciences is a huge market for engineers as developing new tools and machinery is essential. Food engineering is another area where engineering students can innovate and research.


New Horizon Educational Institutions hosted a state level inter-collegiate fest – “SARGAM 2019” on 20th and 21st of September 2019, which has now become a very popular annual cultural event, providing a platform for young and creative minds, to bring out their hidden talents in the true spirit of healthy competition. This year’s very special and unique theme was ‘PANCHA BHOOTA-Essence of the Universe….

Sargam-2019 was inaugurated by Padma Shri. A.S Kiran Kumar, Indian Space Scientist & former Chairman, ISRO on the 20th of September 2019 at 10.30am. In his address to the audience, he enlightened India’s achievement in the field of Space and Satellite.

Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman of New Horizon Educational Institutions declared that the fest is open to all the students to avail of this golden opportunity to explore the essence of the universe.
The theme ‘PANCHA BHOOTA, for Sargam 2019 like previous years challenged and entertained students with a host of competitive events. A total number of 20 competitions ranging from one star to five stars, like Painting, Mime, Acapella, Freeze IT (photography), L. A Model, Switch Foot, DJ wars, Street dance, Quiz, Battle of Bands, Contemporary Dance (group), Street Play (group), Computer Gaming, Improv, Aircrash, B-Boying and the Mega event Maha Tattva were organized on the New Horizon Knowledge Park.

On entering the campus in the early hours of the morning on 20th September, the green grassy lawns of the campus were decorated with five basic core elements- Agni, Jala, Vayu, Prithvi and Aakash. The entire ambience was so authentic and opulent that everyone felt a deep connection and feeling of essence of the universe.

An array of food stalls doling out sumptuous, delicious and lip smacking snacks, offered a blend of gastronomic delights to all the young lovers of food. The prettily lit up food stalls had a tough time catering to the needs of each and every foodie.

The highlights of this mega fest were of course the spectacular events which offered a feast to the varied participants’ and spectators’ senses and sensibilities.

Maha Tattva: This mega event was undoubtedly an extraordinary event performed by eight colleges. It was a joyful and colorful event depicting with five elements that make up our ultimate reality – Fire, water, Wind, Earth and Sky. All the Characters were supported with background music and dance. The judge Ms. Rukmini Vijayakumar a famous dancer, had a tough time in selecting the best teams from the rest, for awarding the prize amount of one lakh rupees. There were around 10,000+ spectators for this event.
The first prize winner was New Horizon College, Kasturinagar with Cash prize of Rs.75.000
The second prize bagged by MCC.

Juke box was a wonderful opportunity for all the students from various colleges to explore a multitude of creative practices from dance to fashion and much more, each and every student enjoyed this event.

To bring down the curtains of this extravagant event of 2019, there was a DJ night and live music concert by Zephytone and Ms. Dhvani Bhanushali from 6.30 pm onwards on 21st September 2019, which drew a crowd of 20000+ spectators from the IT field, Alumni of New Horizon Educational Institutions and students from many other colleges in Karnataka.

Finally all the excitement, the thrills, the high spirited energy and enthusiasm that had marked a month long planning and preparation period leading to the annual mega event of Sargam 2019 was neatly wrapped up on the evening of the 21st September 2019. This superbly crafted and brilliantly executed show turned out to be a “Mother of all Bangalore’s College Events”. This unparalleled and incomparable show was entirely by the students, for the students and of the students.

Every event had a maximum number of colleges and collegians participating. The eagerly awaited announcements of winners of the events were greeted by loud cheering and clapping and thundering rounds of applause from the students and audience. But the leading team who stole the thunder at SARGAM 2019 was none other than our very own

New Horizon College, Kasturinagar!!!


We, at New Horizon Educational Institution, believe in constantly growing, expanding and unwaveringly progressing towards providing our students the epitome of quality education.

We are delighted and proud to announce the establishment of New Horizon Pre-University College at the New Horizon Knowledge Park, housing New Horizon College of Engineering and New Horizon College, on Marathahalli outer ring road.

With the aim of providing our students access to the best education and enriching them with exposure to some of the biggest companies in the world, our college is located in the most prestigious IT corridor surrounded by IT giants like Adobe, Schneider, IBM, Infosys, Oracle and Wipro to name a few.

Registration for admissions for the academic year 2020-2021 will begin in the month of November.

For more information, please contact the admission department – 9686443210


February 15, 2019 — Equipping college students with the tools for success in life is more than mastering sciences and engineering. To add the missing ingredients, New Horizon College of Engineering in Bangalore exposed the students to another important technology. On February 19th, from 1:00 to 3:00pm, the college hosted Swami Mukundananda, an international authority on mind management, along with one of Bollywood’s own, Boman Irani.

These 2 renowned personalities have come together to discuss happiness and the tools for success in life. Irani plans to share his life experiences and how his mindset shaped his future. Swami Mukundananda, will provide will share tools for achieving happiness and critical mindsets. He noted that “the mind plays a powerful role in our destiny and can help us achieve to our maximum potential. Having the right tools to manage the mind is key to success.”

JKYog, the non-profit founded by Swami Mukundananda, presented the JKYog Inspiration Award to Boman Irani during the program in recognition of his positive example of overcoming challenges in life and his efforts to inspire others to achieve happiness. “I am honored not only to be recognized for my efforts and achievementsbut to have been able to meet Swami Mukundananda who clearly has a tremendous depth of knowledge.”


JASHN –SHARING HAPPINESS took place on Sunday, 18th November, 2018. It was a *full day carnival hosted by Bridge Builders (Youth wing of Sadhu Vaswani Mission), Volunteer for a Cause and New Horizon Institutions* for about a thousand children invited from over twenty children’s homes spread across Bangalore at New Horizon College of Engineering, Marathahalli, as a humble offering to Rev. Dada Jashan.P Vaswani on his centenary.


New Horizon Public School, a leading pioneer in many innovative educational strategies, believes in having pride in one’s ancient culture and sciences. Hence to commemorate what our Gurus’ have been practicing since ancient times, we celebrate International Yoga Day every year on the 21st of June, 2018.

This year’s Yoga Day was held at a grand scale and it was graced by the Honourable, Shri Vajubhai Vala, Governor of the State of Karnataka. Also present were former Indian Cricketer, Sri Venkatesh Prasad and Chairman, NHEI, Dr. Mohan Manghnani.


The CISCO Networking Academy was Inaugurated on March 28th by Mr. George John, Senior Director – IT – CISCO and Mr. Manjunath Chandrashekhar, Program Manager – India – CDA – CISCO in the presence of Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman, New Horizon Educational Institution.


The New Bengaluru for New India movement is a firm believer in making Bengaluru play a noteworthy role for a New India. Our respected Prime minister strongly considers that the youth of India, who occupy half the population of our country are capable of making transformational changes to the enhancement and development of our country. Today, the youth in Bengaluru have the flair in making far-reaching changes to take the city and the country into a new era of betterment.

In the light of this, on the 24th of March, New Horizon College of Engineering was the host for the Inter-College festival“New Bengaluru for New India” organised by BJP in the Bengaluru East Zone.

The event started with an inaugural ceremony and the dais was graced by the distinguished guests for the day, Shri. Arvind Limbavali, MLA- Mahadevapura Constituency, State General Secretary- BJP, Karnataka, Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman, NHEI., Dr. Manjunatha, Principal, NHCE, Santhosh Reddy, Convenor- NBNI , Mrs. Asha Suresh, Councillor Bellandur ward, Mr. Anand AH, State co-spokesperson- BJP,  Karnataka and Mr. Raja Reddy.

Following the inaugural ceremony,  the entire day comprised of 5 events, providing a platform for students to bring out their creativity and views In the spirit of healthy competition based on 8 themes, crafted towards extracting the student point of view on the prevalent social issues in our city, thereby edging towards a better Bengaluru. 400+ students enthusiastically took part in the various events that were organised including host college.

The event was meticulously planned and diligently organized. To conclude, the valedictory function took place with the presence of Guru Chaitanya Das from ISKON, Bangalore,   Dr. Manjunatha- Principal, NHCE, Mr. Santhosh Reddy- Convenor, NBNI , Mr. Suryaprakash,  Registrar-NHEI, and Dr. Anitha S Rai- Cultural Head, NHCE, where the winners and runners-up were awarded with cash prices, along with certificates to the participating students.

The winners for all the conducted events are,

1. Poster Making:

: Sindhu M, New Horizon College, Marathahalli
1st  Runner-up: Lavanya SM, New Horizon College of Engineering
2nd  Runner-up: Shubashree HV, New Horizon College, Kasthuri Nagar

2. Essay Writing :

Winner: Jagadeesh, New Horizon College of

1st  Runner-up: Shoba GN, Government 1st Grade College
2nd  Runner-up: Aditya BS, New Horizon College, Marathahalli

3. Slogan Writing

Winner: Priyanka S, New Horizon College of Engineering
1st  Runner-up: Chaitra K, New Horizon College of Engineering
2nd  Runner-up: Shashank KS, New Horizon College of Engineering

4.  Debate

Winner: Bhavana Savanth, New Horizon College of Engineering
1st  Runner-up: Souptik Mukherjee, CMRIT
2nd  Runner-up: Likith Reddy, MVJCE

5.  Mad Ads

Winner: CMRIT
1st  Runner-up: New Horizon College, Kasthuri Nagar
2nd  Runner-up: New Horizon College of Engineering


Bangalore March 12th 2018 – The New Horizon College of Engineering, an autonomous college, today unveiled the first Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Engineers in Bengaluru. The CoE was inaugurated by Ms. Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, France. The CoE has been set up following a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the college, Schneider Electric and the French Ministry of National Education.The centre will carry out vocational training programmes in the initial and continuing education in the fields of electricity, automation and energy management.

Additionally, a Partnership Agreement was signed between Cluster President of CMQ3E (High Schools, Higher Educational Institutions, companies, and other Public, Private Institutions), Rouen-France and New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore-India.The agreement aims to strengthen the overall education systems and processes for teachers as well as students. The objectives of partnership agreement includes:
a). Mobility of teachers and students,
b). Collaboration and implementation of new teaching strategies,
c). Collaboration and implementation of training programs,
d). Exchange of technical knowhow and advisory,
e). Collaboration and assistance to develop educational cooperation in the field of energy and energy efficiency,
f). Collaboration and assistance in implementing equipment or materials,
g). Develop training programs for teachers and trainers of vocational and technological education.

Ms. Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, France, stated: “New Horizon College of Engineering is the first Engineering/Technology College to have partnered with the French Government to set up a centre to skill engineers in India. We look forward to more such associations in future and we are glad to be a part of this effort made by the college to strengthen/upgrade knowledge and professional skills of teachers, students and customers.”

Dr Mohan Manghnani, Chairman of New Horizon College of Engineering, said, “Indo-French-Schneider Electric Centre of Excellence is skilling engineering graduates on industrial, building automation and energy management areas. India produces good quality engineers. However, there is a shortage of skilled engineers in automation and energy management areas. The French Government has deputed specialized full-time professor to the Centre of Excellence for a period of three years, and the French professor has trained New Horizon’s professors on Automation and Energy Management using industry labs at Schneider Electric’s facilities and designed the syllabus accordingly”

Commenting on the association, Shrinivas Chebbi, President, Partner & Eco Buildings, Schneider Electric, India, said, “We are living in a world where sustainability is
going to be critical for India’s next level of growth. It is therefore important to equip our talent pool with tools to navigate through a digital economy in an equitable manner. The Centre of Excellence will be a reservoir of state-of-the-art skill programmes to prepare students to leverage disruptive technology to push the national growth.”


QuEST Global Services,a global leader in providing premium engineering solutions, has launched QuEST IIoT Center of Excellence at New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE), Bengaluru.This initiative will provide training to students in cutting-edge engineering technology streams and platforms including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).The initiative will also help in bridging the technology gap between academia and industry.

The initiative launched at NHCE,will serve as a platform to create an ecosystem of resources for the digital needs in industrial segment and provide certification in IIoT platform. This will also provide the students an opportunity to interact with subject matter experts in the digital solutions from the engineering services industry and enhance their knowledge.The training will be open to students in the fourth semester rat NHCE, Bengaluru and will include class room and online trainings with mentoring from industry veterans, hackathon and live projects”

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Todd Ashley, Vice President, Digital and Industrial Solutions said, “The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), is expected to lead to a fourth industrial revolution that will generate an estimated $12 trillion of global GDP by 2030.The industry leaders, including our customers, are investing heavily in defining improvements to their products and services through expanded use of digital technologies.In this scenario, this initiative will provide a cost effective mode to develop capable engineering talent for the evolving needs of our customers in the digital manufacturing

Mr Ajay Prabhu, Chief Operating Officer, QuEST Global, said the IIoT CoE is launched at NHCE in continuation to the organizational charter of QuEST Global to support the academia and make students future-ready in various cutting-edge technologies.“As part of this initiative, students will get an opportunity to work on some of the projects we do at QuEST Global and upon successful completion, we will offer a letter of intent for employment to potential students.This is a pilot project and based on its success, we will be rolling out this initiative to other engineering colleges in a phased manner.”

Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman ,New Horizon Educational Institution said “Engineering education in India has reached the most crucial turning point where it has to meet the industry requirements to face the dynamic demands of the competitive markets.Steps need to be taken to bridge the gap between industry expectations and what the curriculum offers.The partnership of QuEST Global and NHCE will provide our students an opportunity to get one step close to the industry and enhance their employability.”

About QuEST Global:

As a complete lifecycle product development and production engineering partner to many of the world’s most recognized brands, QuEST Global enables its customers to increase profitability and transform their businesses through innovative and industry-leading solutions. Through a collaborative approach and by using proven consultative tools, QuEST helps its customers define, develop and execute solutions that span the product lifecycle and which improve efficiency, speed time to market and reduce costs.


Mr.Francois GAUTIER, Consular General of France visited Schneider Electric Lab at New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore on Wed, 28th Feb 2018.

BITSMUN – 2018

New Horizon College of Engineering MUN team participated in BITSMUN 2018 at BITS Pilani, Goa. We competed against more than 300 delegates, both Internationally and across the country. To give a gist, it was an intense three day debate on Internation affairs the ranged on topics like Atomic Energy, Prevention of Nuclear accidents, Refugee crisis in Rohingya minorities and issues pertaining to the tension in Syria and Middle Eastern Nations.

Amidst all of this NHCE team bagged 6 awards.

Ms. Sania – Best Delegate(UNHRC)
Mr. Zaid – Best Delegate(UNGA DISEC)
Mr. Joseph – Special Mention(UNGA DISEC)
Ms. Bhavana – Special Mention(International Atomic Energy Agency)
Ms. Anushma – Honourable Mention (International Atomic Energy Agency)
Mr. Varun Makhija – Verbal Mention (UNGA DISEC)
On behalf of management, Principal, and all the staff members wish Hearty

Congratulations to all the students!!!!!!!!



The Rajyotsava Day is the state festival of Karnataka and is observed on November 1st every year. The day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Karnataka as the state was formed on this day. The Rajyotsava day is celebrated with great joy and vigor all over the state of Karnataka. The state government asserts Rajyotsava awards on this day, which are awarded to people responsible for great contributions in the development of Karnataka.

New Horizon College of Engineering, NSS club organized the Kannada Rajyotsava celebration event on 3rd November 2017. The Event commenced with Flag hoisting by Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman, NHEI along with the guests Shri. L.Y. Rajesh, Circle Inspector , RJ Rajesh, Dr. Manjunatha, Principal, NHCE and other dignitaries. After that, RJ Rajesh and Shri. L Y Rajesh addressed to the students. Shri. L.Y. Rajesh has spoken about student life and its impact in the future. Presidential address given by the Principal Dr. Manjunatha. The Cultural activities like dances, songs and drama were performed by NHCE students. The campus was decorated with Karnataka flags and Hampi model was placed in center of lawn.

On this day, Kannada classes have been inaugurated by the guests for those students who doesn’t know Kannada. There are many activities were orgranised by the students like Blood donation camp and Dental check up for all the students and staff members.

The event made memorable for all the students and staff members. At the end sweets distributed to all.


Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) honors institutes for contribution in the field of sports (conduction, participation and achievements of students of the institute every year). For the year 2016-17 New Horizon College of Engineering bagged 293 points for various sports events conducted by the institute and achievements by the students of NHCE.

In this connection New Horizon College of engineering was awarded with Rs. 1,00,000.0(Rupees One Lakh only) as cash prize by the Vice Chancellor of VTU on 26th September 2017.

Sargam 2017 Report

SARGAM 2017 is a state level inter-collegiate cultural fest presented by the prestigious New Horizon Educational Institution in Bangalore on 22nd & 23rd September 2017. It is a cultural extravaganza, providing a platform for young and creative minds, to bring out their hidden talents in a spirit of healthy competition.

SARGAM 2017 has innumerable jewels in its dazzling crown. With a decade old successful performance in which a record breaking 150 colleges have participated. SARGAM is indeed a huge spectacular event which every Bangalore collegian looks forward to participating in, year after year. Over the years, SARGAM has been instrumental in combining energy and enthusiasm, craft ship and creativity.

For the Sargam 2017, decorations at New Horizon College of Engineering were in line with the theme “Extraterrestrial, which had set the mood, framing the emotion and underscoring the importance of the event. Right from the effigies, objects showcased with the crepe paper streamers to professionally-designed displays of extraterrestrial models, the college was decorated for the bulk of the event proceedings. It had proved daunting, requiring equally large displays to be seen among a sea of people, vendors, event booths and accompanying equipment. Colors were chosen and established for the event in keeping with the theme Extraterrestrial, in sync with promotional materials, advertisements and floral arrangements, tying the whole together into a feast

The Colleges participated in the much awaited mega event titled “Antariksh”. It was undoubtedly an extraordinary act performed superbly well, totally in sync with the background music and inkeeping with the “Extraterrestrial” theme.

The judge Ms. Madhuri, of course had the unenviable task of selecting the three best teams and it surely did pose a big challenge for them to select the three best of the rest. Here are the names of the winners in descending order.

They are

  • New Horizon PU College, KasthuriNagar,won Rs.75, 000/- securing the 1st place,
  • St. Johns Medical College won Rs. 25,000/- the 2nd place.

Finally all the excitement, the thrills, the high spirited energy and enthusiasm that had marked a month long planning and preparation period leading to the annual mega event of Sargam 2017 was neatly wrapped up on the evening of the 23rd September 2017. This superbly crafted and brilliantly executed show turned out to be a “Mother of all Bangalore’s College Events”.

This unparalleled and incomparable show was entirely of the students, for the students and by the students.

Juke box was a wonderful opportunity for all the students from various colleges to explore a multitude of creative practices from dance to fashion and much more, each and every student enjoyed this event.

Sargam saw a record breaking crowd of thousands of students from different colleges all around Karnataka who witnessed this grand spectacular show. 1042 participants enrolled in varied competitive events. Every event had a maximum number of colleges and collegians participating. The eagerly awaited announcements of winners of the events were greeted by loud cheering and clapping and thundering rounds of applause from the students and audience. But the leading who stole the thunder at SARGAM 2017 was none other than our very own New Horizon College, Kasturi Nagar.

The 2nd evening show was stolen by Shirley Setia’s Live Concert and DJ Nina & Malika. Shirley is a 21-year-old Indo-Kiwi singer, performer, and songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. She is a YouTube celebrity and social media star with more than 6.5 lakh subscribers on YouTube, 2.2 million fans on Facebook and 689k followers on Instagram. There were more than 12000 students witnessed the event. Sargam 2017 is completed with a grand success. Congratulations to every one who have supported directly and indirectly to make this event Extra entertaining, Extraordinary, EXTRATERRESTIAL!!!

MOU signed with Schneider Electric and the French Ministry of Education on 20th Sept'17 to establish a Centre of Excellence in the field of Electricity, automation and energy management.

Schneider Electric is actively working with various education providers, engineering colleges and universities to reach out to target audience, so as to create knowledge based quality workforce in the market by feeding quality curriculum backed by systematic experiments through practical exercises.

New Horizon College of Engineering in Bangalore, Karnataka, India have signed an MoU with the French Ministry of Education and Schneider Electric to setup an Industry incubation centre at the campus of New Horizon College of Engineering in the field of electricity, automation and energy management to impart industrial training to the engineering students to create a large reservoir of highly qualified manpower in all fields related to electricity, automation and energy management. Read more…

Graduation day of the 1st batch of autonomous MBA and

The Graduation day of the 1st batch of autonomous MBA and held on 9th September 2017.

The Chief Guestof the day, Honorable Registrar of VTU, Dr. H.N.Jagannath Reddy, presided by Honorable Chairman Dr.Mohan Manghnani, Academic Council members Dr.Govindaraj, Dr.Nanda, Dr.Manjunatha, the Principal, NHCE and theRegistrar, Directors, Deans,Heads of the Departments, staff members of New Horizon College of Engineering, Graduating students were part of the graduation day procession led by Dr. Vijilius Helena Raj, Controller of Examinations.

Thegraduation ceremony began with the Chairman Sir’s declaration of “Graduation day Open”. The event had speech delivered by the chief guest Dr.Jagannath Reddy emphasizing technological invention that serves the human kind and Dr.MohanManghnani, who stated “Be a dreamer, have many dreams and work hard to make those dreams a reality”.

The Chief Guest awarded the college topper and the department topper with medals, highest number of semester grade point averages with certificates and cash awards. Respective Heads of the department called the graduating student to receive their Provisional degree certificates. Finally, the graduation day ceremony was dissolved by the Chairman.

This highly defining graduation moment will be cherished forever.

“Green Hand” inauguration at NHCE

Prof. Anil Dattatraya Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), inaugurated “Green Hand” at New Horizon College of Engineering on September 1st 2017.

The “Green Hand” is a sculpture of great significance that stands to remind humankind of the pivotal role we must play to preserve and nurture Mother Nature. As Bob Brown once said, “the future will either be green or not at all.”

Our population and our use of Mother Earth’s finite resources is growing exponentially along with our technical abilities to change the environment. What remains to be seen is how we utilize our burgeoning capabilities. As an institute dedicated towards developing exemplary citizens of the country and future world leaders, we strive to imbibe in every student of ours, the importance of safeguarding our environment. Our budding engineers have been taught that the future is green and they, along with our distinguished staff, are wholly committed towards advancing the Green agenda.

We cannot ignore the quality of the environment we leave our future generation with if we intend to provide them with a better world, a better life.

If the sight of blue skies fill you with joy, if the sight of a green blade of grass has the power to move you, and the simplest things in nature have a message that you understand, I implore you to come and be a part of the unveiling of this glorious sculpture to help spread awareness of the peril humankind has put Mother Nature in.

Addressing the first year B.E students of, Prof. Sahasrabudhe encouraged them to take up Green technology based projects. He advocated the importance of greener college campuses. As an institute dedicated towards developing exemplary citizens of the country and future world leaders, every student should understand the importance of safeguarding our environment. He urged our students and the Faculty Members to commit themselves whole heartedly towards advancing the Green agenda.

“Green Hand” is a sculpture that stands to remind us that humankind has to play a pivotal role to preserve and nurture Mother Nature said Dr. Mohan Manghnani , Chairman, New Horizon Educational Institution. He also mentioned that the “Green Hand” will motivate and encourage our Engineers to build a “Green World” Dr. Manjunatha, Principal, New Horizon College of Engineering and Heads from all the departments were among others present on the occasion

An MoU was signed with Autoliv India Pvt Ltd

An MoU was signed with Autoliv India Pvt Ltd today to bring in industry expertise in to curriculum content, internships for students of the Mechanical and Automobile Department, who will be benefited from this engagement.

MoU between NHCE & Sansera Enineering

We have signed an MoU with Sansera Enineering, a core mechanical & automotive industry. The scope of MoU is to provide internships, projects, industry visits to Mechanical & Automobile Engineering students of NHCE. Mr.Suresh, Associate Vice President of Sansera Engineering visited and signed MoU with NHCE in the presence of Principal, Deans & HoDs.

Signing of MOU between NHCE & HP

New Horizon College of Engineering has signed an MoU with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to establish Big Data and Data Analytics Centre of Excellence with state of the technology Lab at NHCE campus. Chairman Dr.Mohan Manghnani and Country Head of Big Data, HP E Mr.Haresh exchanged MoU on 21st April’17.

NHEI Staff Celebrated International Women’s day 8th March, 2017

“What better way to celebrate than to shine light on the ladies who have contributed to society with their talent, perseverance and timeless wisdom.”

International women’s day was celebrated on 8th March 2017in the New Horizon Auditorium, organized by QASDC and HR team for NHEI staff. Dr.T.K.S.Lakshmi, an eminent educationist was invited on the occasion to speak about the theme “Be bold for a change”. All the NHEI women Directors and Head of the departments of Marthahalli campus were honored.” The chief guest spoke about the women status as on date in India with lot of illustrations, and also insisted women on creating a positive attitude/move for a positive impact in the society by being bold, upfront and accepting both appreciation and criticism. The program started at 3:15 PM and went on till 4:45 PM in the Auditorium, followed by Musical chair organized in the 2nd floor, Indoor stadium for all the women staff. All the staff members enjoyed the game, and at the end of the program, the refreshments were served to all the NHEI staff members. Overall, the program concluded on a positive note.

VMware IT Academy inauguration at NHCE, Bangalore on 17th February, 2017

VMware IT Academy

VMware Software India Pvt Ltd., has established VMWare IT Academy at New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore. The Lab was inaugurated on 17th Feb 2017 by Mr.Rajesh Namibiar, Regional Program Manager, VMware IT Academy-APJ along with Dr.Mohan Manghnani, Chariman New Horizon College of Engineering. The team of Experts talked at length to the entire student community of NHCE and shared their invaluable experience on a plethora of technologies which are migrating to cloud and how virtualization can be the most sought after and lucrative career for budding engineers.

As part of this collaboration, VMware IT Academy Program (vITA) is designed to introduce students to VMware technologies and equip them with technical skills needed for the modern IT world. As an IT Academy member, Faculty/ Students will gain access to technology and contents from VMware, which in turn prepare them for the new IT world.

Program Highlights of Vmware IT academy at NHCE are as belows :

  • Faculty enablement or empowerment
  • Access to all VMware tools
  • Curriculums on Virtualization, Devops, MDM and other technological advancements
  • VMware academic recognition for students (equivalent to certification)
  • VMware vExperience (CoE)
  • Local student club including annual project competitions and others.
  • MOOC and other new offerings

Inaguration of New Horizon Quality Assessment and Skill Development Center on 15/02/2017

New Horizon Quality Assessment and Skill Development Center

The success of any institution lies in its commitment to provide opportunities for self-assessment and its analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

A critical assessment and analysis of the mechanisms and processes related to the functioning of the institution, has to strengthen the capabilities of its members.

With this new approach, New Horizon Quality Assessment and Skill Development Center is established to increase the effectiveness of each member in particular and the institution as a whole. This Quality Assurance relates to the achievement of educational programme standards established by the institution.

NHCE Students International Trip to Germany in February 2017

NHCE Students International Trip to Germany

International Trip!!!!! Europe Country !!!!…….. Global Students of New Horizon College of Engineering along with faculty members started their International trip to Germany on 1st February 2017. We prayed Lord Ganesha for a safe and successful trip and departed to Kempegowda International Airport by bus.

After check-in formalities, we boarded the flight to Muscat and from there to Munich. We reached by 7 pm Germany local time, had dinner in an Indian Restaurant and checked in hotel Acardia, Munchen, had a dreamful sleep after a long flight journey which was important to start the next day with bang bang!!!!!

Day 2: Visit Technical University of Munich, where we were part of a seminar which was primarily based on aerospace works carried away by Professors and research scholars. At the end, Certificates were distributed to all the students and teachers. The second half was a visit to BMW museum, where we were beguiled and fascinated by the display of classic old cars and wide array of colorful cars.

Day 3: Tour to Salzburg, a city in Austria, 2-hour journey from Munich. We enjoyed the scenic beauty and remembered the film SOUND of MUSIC shot there at different locations. The snow fields came in disguise of a paradise and playing with snowballs invoked the kid in us. We also witnessed the famous Mozart house and Lake. Way back to Munich, visit The hanger 7 Red bull museum too.

Day 4: City tour of Munich: There was a lovely lady guide who introduced to the city by briefing about the architectures and other cultural heritages, very popular Oktoberfest, and history of Munich. The Munich City tour followed by the unimaginable visit to ALLIANZ ARENA, the 2nd largest football stadium situated in Munich. It was indeed a dream for every football fan to visit Allianz Arena and we have completely jumped out of joy as we entered into the huge stadium. After that, The Opera House, which had a street stretched with a wide array of shops, where we did the shopping.

Day 5: We started our trip to Stuttgart, which is 350 km from Munich and had a small city tour. The young lady guide explained about the city which is rich in architecture that has stories depicting reign of various kings. By 4 pm, we were at the AUDI factory, where we were shown the MAKING of AUDI car, completely automated process. For 2 hours, we were spellbound and watched the robots involved in the making of AUDI cars according to customer specifications. They make 2700 cars a day, which means around 105 cars per hour!!!!!! After dinner checked into Mercury, a four-star hotel. We have enjoyed the hotel amenities and delicious breakfast, the next day morning.

Day 6: Visit Porsche Museum, and was guided through the development of cars with the help of an audio guide. The real beauty of cars and their evolution…… just like other places the cars were mesmerized us, and later we headed towards Munich. After a fast shopping time, we reported to the Munich airport for our journey back to Namma Bengaluru.

Day 7: We landed in KIA around 1.30 pm and came back to college by bus, thanked almighty for providing us a safe and a happy memorable trip. All of us felt that the Trip to Germany seemed to have flown too fast!!!!!!!!!!!

We wholeheartedly thank our management and NHCE for giving us an opportunity for providing us a wonderful trip to Germany, which was a perfect blend of learning and entertainment which we will cherish forever in our lifetime.

Establishment of SAP Next-gen Lab @ New Horizon College of Engineering on 13th Feb 2017.

SAP Next-gen Lab @ New Horizon College of Engineering

SAP University Alliances program in collaboration with New Horizon College of Engineering has established Next-gen Lab at the college campus in Bangalore. The Lab was inaugurated by Mr. Rahul Sachdev, Head-University Alliances, SAARC-SAP along with Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman, New Horizon College of Engineering on 13th Feb 2017.

“Students have got ample opportunities to explore SAP technologies and develop their skills to suit contemporary business requirements of SAP Customers & Partners”, says Mr. Sachdev. Dr. Mohan Manghnani, opined that “every student of New Horizon will be skilled engineers when they graduate from the college. New Horizon is bringing industry relevant technologies, tools, and training for its students”.

Laughter Yoga Program conducted at New Horizon - Marathalli Campus on 4/2/2017.

Laughter Yoga Program

A “Laughter Yoga Program” was arranged for all the Principals / Directors / Registrar / Deans/ HoDs and staff members (Teaching / Non-Teaching / Technical) of New Horizon College of Engineering and New Horizon College-Marathalli on 4/2/2017 at 4.00 pm in New Horizon Auditorium. The program was conducted by Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of Laughter Yoga Club.

The program was of one hour duration and designed to demonstrate the importance of laughter in one’s life. During the program Dr Madan, emphasized the need to laugh for a stress free and healthy life. The session was very informative. It was very rejuvenating hour for all the staff members

International Industrial Visit to Europe January 2017

International Industrial Visit to Europe

New Horizon College Marathalli organised a 7 day international industrial visit to Europe from the 25th to the 31st of January 2017. A total of 68 students (49 students from Marathalli campus and 19 students from Kasturinagar campus) from the final year global streams of BBA, B.Com and BCA were taken to three European countries namely Germany, Belgium and France.

The first country of visit was Germany where the students halted at Frankfurt. On the first day the students visited the Senckenburg Nature museum in the morning. In the second half of the day they visited the Frankfurt University (also called Goethe University) where they were addressed by the department of International Relations. The students were enlightened about the future prospects of management students and the scope for foreign education. Later they also visited the department of Finance and Economics. On the second day the students were taken for a factory visit to Opel car manufacturing facility at Russelsheim, the second largest car producers in Europe, where they witnesses the assembling unit of various models of cars being done entirely by robots. On the third day the students travelled to Brussels in Belgium where they visited the Atomium in the morning and the Grand Palace in Brussels town Hall. The fourth and the fifth day were spent in Paris, France. The day started with the Seine river cruise and later in the day the students were taken to the Eiffel tower. The last day was the visit to the famous Louvre Museum alongside a guided city tour.

Overall the visit was a great learning experience for the final year students of batch 2014-15 in terms of international exposure in a foreign University as well as learning about the various units in the car manufacturing facility.

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DR. APJ Abdul Kalam 85th Birth Anniversary celebrated in New Horizon college of Engineering 15th October, 2016.

DR. APJ Abdul Kalam 85th Birth Anniversary

The 1st Guru Kalam Memorial Lecture commemorating the 85th Birth Anniversary of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on 15th october, 2016 was organized by New Horizon College of Engineering in association with Inspired Indian Foundation. The programme was honouredwith the presence of dignitaries : Dr. Kota Harinarayana (Father of India’s Tejas fighter jet programme), Ms. Jayanthi M. Eshwarputhi (Renowned in Bharathanatayam & Kathak Dance form)accompanied by Dr. Manjunatha, Principal, New Horizon College of Engineering and Dr. Sheelan Misra , Head of Department of Management Studies. The programme commenced with the national anthem followed by tributes to Dr. Kalam. Dr Kota Harinarayana in his speech emphasized on the contribution that the present young generation can make for building a developed and prosperous India. He also shared his experiences with Dr Abdul Kalam. He stressed on the fact that collaboration of the three stakeholders- academics, industry and research & development can bring revolutionary and successful changes to lead India in the field of technology.He highlighted on the importance of networking, artificial intelligence, sensors,software, and social media which directly lead to technological development. He also mentioned that Failing is the key to success. He encouarged younsgters to learn form their failures, work with more speed and achieve success. Be problem solvers, that what industry needs. Buid yourself, buid your team and build your nation. Innovation is the keyword which will make impossible possible. Make India strong by developing world class innovative technology. India can be the superpower with Quality and Innovation which can be done through hardwork, dedication and diligence. These were the thoughts shared by Dr. Kota.Dr. Kota also pointed out the vision 2020 of Dr. Kalam, that it can only be achieved in years to come when the budding citizens of India work hard with determination and take the leap forward from the rest of the world.The Oath taking Ceremony was also conducted for the students to realize and reinforce their responsibilties to bring glory to the nation as envisioned by Dr Kalam.

All these experts of their fields emphasized on the importance of technology, innovation, dedication, and human values in the younger generation. The panel discussion conducted by Mr. Anantha Krishnan M was full of interaction and active participation and where all the panelists deliberated their views and ideas on taking India forward.The session was concluded by awarding Appreciation Certificates to selected staff members of New Horizon College of Engineering for their dedicated and exemplary service to the institution marking the 85th birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam .New Horizon Educational Institution, under the leadership of Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman, is actively spreading the message of Values and ethics to the younger generation. Young scientists and engineers from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) were present in large numbers.

Adobe Digital Centre of Excellence is inaugurated at NHCE on 13th OCT 2016


Adobe Digital Center of Excellence is established at New Horizon College of Engineering campus to impart hands on training to students on Adobe Suite of Products and Services. This training leads to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) joint certification by Adobe Systems and New Horizon. New Horizon College of Engineering is partnered with global giant on digital and creative software products and services i.e., Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd. Adobe is providing required technological and domain related expertise to faculties and students of New Horizon College of Engineering.

Adobe Digital Centre of Excellence was inaugurated at New Horizon College of Engineering on 13th Oct 2016. Wipro Technologies has joined hands with New Horizon College of Engineering for training faculties and students on Adobe Suite of Products and Services. Engineers and Architects from Adobe Systems will deliver critical application sessions at regular intervals to students as part of the curriculum. Adobe Digital Centre of Excellence has the state of art facilities with advanced hardware systems, severs, LEDs, electronic podium etc., The Centre is open 24/7/365 days and students can practice in the lab any time of the day.

New Horizon College of Engineering has incorporated Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) curriculum as an Elective Paper to B.E and MCA students at 4th, 5th Semester level with credits attached to the course. First batch of Wipro selected students (final year batch) have started their training from 2nd Nov 2016. This training will help students to deploy themselves on Digital Practice Projects by Wipro Technologies immediately after their 8th Semester examinations.

Fortune 500 companies making the switch from current static platforms like WordPress and Drupal over to Adobe AEM. The issue they are having is that their current developers don’t have the experience needed to implement an AEM system that will also accomplish the business objectives. Hence, students studying in pre-final year and final year batches of B.E and MCA are eligible to apply for AEM course. Training and Placement Office of New Horizon College of Engineering will reach out to Adobe and it’s clients and present AEM certified students for internships, internship-cum-placements. AEM Certified students are having edge over other students to get placed in projects much earlier than their friends who have placed in other companies and AEM Certified candidates’ annual salary packages are higher than other candidates deployed in other projects.

Mr.Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director of Adobe, South Asia; Mr.Rajeev Kumar Singh, Global Head-Campus Hiring, Wipro Technologies; Dr.Mohan Manghnani, Chairman, New Horizon College of Engineering; Dr.Manjunatha, Principal, and Dr.Lakshminarayana, Director-Training and Placements of New Horizon College of Engineering were present for launching Adobe Digital Centre of Excellence to the students of New Horizon.

For more details about Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) course and Adobe Digital Center of Excellence, you may contact Dr.Ilango on email:

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